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NYU Metro Center, Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Remote Learning

IntegrateNYC, COVID-19 Resources Page

The Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), Learning Goes On – A COVID-19 Resource for Education (2020)

Learning Policy Institute, Learning in the Time of COVID-19 blog series (2020)


Resources and Links

Halley Potter and Joshua Starr, Analysis: Plans to Catch Students Up After School Shutdowns Risk Creating New Forms of Academic Tracking. This Will Do Them Even More Harm, The 74 (June 17, 2020)

Linda Darling-Hammond, A New “New Deal” For Education: Top 10 Policy Moves For States In The COVID 2.0 Era, Forbes (May 19, 2020)

Peter Piazza, Brown at 66: Looking past COVID with Milton Galamison, School Diversity Notebook (May 18, 2020)

Integrated Schools Podcast: COVID-19: Matt Gonzales on Equity (May 13, 2020)

Elizabeth Horton Sheff, Martha Stone, Dennis D. Parker, and Deuel Ross, The Coronavirus Crisis is Showing us How Regional Approaches Work; It’s Time to Apply Those Lessons to Urban Schools, Hartford Courant (May 11, 2020)

NYU Metro Center, Statement on Covid-19 – Slow Down to Move Forward  (May 2020)

NYC Advocates on Grading, Grading for Equity Letter  (Apr. 24, 2020)

Courtney E. Martin, The Lessons We Should Really Be Teaching Kids in the Pandemic, Vox (Apr. 22, 2020)

Integrated Schools, On COVID & Integration (Apr. 21, 2020)

Garrett Bucks, Are We Really “In This Together?“, The White Pages (Apr. 17, 2020)

powell, john, Opinion: Coronavirus is Not the ‘Great Equalizer’ Many Say It Is, East Bay Times (Apr. 16, 2020)

Acevedo-Garcia, Dolores, Neighborhood Inequities and COVID-19, (Apr. 14, 2020)

Rothstein, Richard, The Coronavirus Will Explode Achievement Gaps in Education  Shelterforce (Apr. 13, 2020)

Garrett Bucks, When This is All Said and Done, We Can Have the Society of our Dreams or We Can Protect Whiteness, The White Pages (Apr. 7, 2020)

Conor P. Williams, How ‘Social Distancing’ Is Changing the Way We View Schools, Education Post (Apr. 1, 2020)

Integrated Schools (podcast), COVID-19: Teacher Check-in and COVID-19: Finding Community in Isolation

Kelly Bare, Seeing 2020: After COVID-19, let’s not go back to “normal”, Medium  (Mar. 23, 2020)

Garrett Bucks, What I Hope My (White, Economically Secure) Kids are Learning Right Now, The White Pages (Mar. 25, 2020)

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