Policy Brief: Model State School Integration Policies

As educators across the country make a valiant effort to meet the needs of their students in response to the coronavirus crisis, the educational impacts of disparities in family resources and school funding are apparent. The crisis also reminds us of the many roles that schools play beyond academics. When students eventually return to […]

Policy Brief: Including Racial & SES Diversity in ESSA District Plans

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides an opening for states and local school districts to include racial and socioeconomic (SES) diversity as components of their improvement plans.

While only one state (New York) took advantage of this opportunity in the initial round of state ESSA plans, there are several ways that school […]

State of Integration 2018

The State of Integration 2018 is a compilation of essays by the National Coalition on School Diversity’s staff and members. It begins with an assessment of current threats to school integration. It then chronicles some of the new progress and opportunities we are seeing at state and local levels.


NCSD School Integration Policy Agenda (2019)

In “A School Integration Policy Agenda for 2019 and Beyond,” we outline 10 policy proposals that incentivize integration as the 116th Congress begins its work.

This document builds off of another document, “Crafting a Policy Agenda for 2019 and Beyond,” released in July 2018, which offered a list of strategies for consideration during federal, […]

NCSD Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Over the past year, NCSD been engaged in its first-ever strategic planning process to help us focus on how to uphold policies we helped advance during the last administration and to build on the momentum of the expanding school diversity field, particularly in light of the passage and initial implementation of ESSA and, later, an […]