NCSD Experts Testify at Minnesota DOE Hearing on School Diversity and Integration

December 20, 2011

Several members of the National Coalition on School Diversity’s Steering Committee and Research Advisory Panel traveled to Minneapolis for an important hearing on the future of state school diversity rules in Minnesota. Witnesses included:

  • Professor Derek Black from Howard University Law School, whose testimony addressed the legal foundations for the state’s interest in school diversity;
  • Professor John Brittain from the University of the District of Columbia Law School, whose testimony summarized contemporary legal issues and interpretations of the recent DOJ-DOE guidance on voluntary school integration;
  • Professor Linda Tropp from the University of Massachusetts, whose testimony summarized social science research on intergroup relations benefits of racial integration; and
  • Professor Roslyn Mickelson from UNC-Charlotte, whose testimony summarized social science research on the academic benefits of racial integration.

Article on the hearing from Minnesota Post