Public School Forum of North Carolina

For more than 30 years the Public School Forum of North Carolina has served as an indispensable and nonpartisan champion of better schools in North Carolina. We bring together individuals and institutions from business, education and government to study education issues, develop ideas, seek consensus, and ultimately inform and shape education policy. From the start, a key purpose of the Forum has been to “speak truth to power.” We have made it our job to be objective, engage diverse groups, ask smart questions, listen carefully, conduct evidence-based research, develop innovative ideas and programs, provide support, build consensus, and inform and shape education policy. We always advocate for what is best for the children of North Carolina, not just what seems politically possible in the moment. Through the research and ideas we produce, the programs we develop and lead, the information we publish, the partnerships we form, and the citizen engagement we develop, the Public School Forum advances the cause of public education in North Carolina. Our mission is to provide trusted, nonpartisan, evidence-based research, policy analysis and innovative programs that empower an informed public to demand that education best practice becomes common practice throughout North Carolina.



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