NCSD2015: Workshop A1

Storytelling in Advocacy:  Unleashing the Power of Parent Narratives

Connecticut’s magnet schools are actively closing the achievement gap by offering students the opportunity to receive a high- quality, integrated education, making them some of the most sought-after public schools in the state. In 2014, a group of parents, teachers, magnet school operators, school districts, and community groups formed the Connecticut Coalition for Magnet Schools to educate and inform legislators about magnet schools and to advocate on their behalf.

Coalition members will offer their successful training in Storytelling & Advocacy. Attend this workshop to better understand the power of storytelling in advocacy. You will learn how powerful stories change the brain and the way we interact with others. You’ll also learn the components of a powerful story and gain the skills to craft your own narrative in a way that will positively influence those that hear it in the furtherance of advocacy.


  • Andrea RichardsonMagnet School Parent and Member of the Parent Advisory Committee, Connecticut Coalition for Magnet Schools
  • Martha DeedsManager of Special Projects, Capitol Region Education Council
  • Julia WinerAssistant Director of Communications and Coordinator of Legislative Affairs, Capitol Region Education Council



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