NCSD in the News: Next City Details NCSD's Push to Remove Anti-Integration Riders

Congress Still Won’t Pay For Busing to Desegregate Schools
by Rachel Cohen
June 4, 2018
The Nation

NCSD’s efforts to remove anti-busing language from federal appropriations bills are the subject of this article, which also cites several NCSD members and references our research briefs:

“Dozens of civil rights groups signed onto letters sent to the House and Senate last week, calling on legislators to remove Sections 301 and 302 from the next and future rounds of federal appropriations bills.

‘It is alarming that such legislative language would still be present in 2018, at a time when racial re-segregation of our public schools has surged, where a majority of members of the Supreme Court have declared school diversity to be a ‘compelling government interest,’ and where many districts are working voluntarily to promote racial and economic integration for the benefit of their children and communities,’ the letters state.”

“‘We must no longer passively accept the status quo of their presence in appropriations bills,’ stated the National Coalition on School Diversity, a network of more than 50 civil rights groups, university-based research centers, and education practitioners. ‘It’s time for a shift that puts the federal government firmly on the side of local communities that desire to use their federal funds to bolster school integration efforts.'”

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