NCSD in the News: NCSD Research Briefs Cited in The Atlantic's

An Unusual Idea for Fixing School Segregation
Rachel Cohen
May 23, 2018
The Atlantic

This article cites NCSD research briefs, which outline the benefits of integration:

“In a nutshell, he argues, this idea would drive integration in three ways: It would create an incentive for middle class and wealthy parents to enroll their students in socioeconomically integrated schools, it would create countervailing considerations for white parents considering leaving currently integrated school districts, and it would provide an incentive for private schools to enroll more low-income students. Middle-class students would likely benefit more from Scott-Railton’s idea than low-income students, since his proposal doesn’t inherently change the financial barriers to attending college. But millions more would benefit from the increased K–12 integration, which decades of research show improves public schooling.”

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