Center on Law in Metropolitan Equity at Rutgers Law School

The Center for Law, Inequality and Metropolitan Equity (CLiME) at Rutgers Law School is committed to studying the role of law and policy in encouraging or inhibiting opportunity based on place.

Our non-partisan efforts are designed to promote more equitable approaches to public law and policy amid rapid demographic change, shrinking government resources and enduring racial and economic divides.

Where possible, CLiME’s efforts recognize the interdependent relationship among places in a given region and the most inclusive conceptions of sustainability. The importance of developing more inclusive laws and policies of mutuality increases amid the growing racial and ethnic diversity of metropolitan America.  Few states reflect these trends more than New Jersey.  We embrace that challenge.

Through CLiME’s research, archives, public forums and collaboration with others, our fellows and faculty staff are committed to promoting both statewide and national discourse on the many subjects we collectively refer to as “metropolitan equity.”



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