Julius L. Chambers Center for Civil Rights

Welcome to the Julius L. Chambers Center for Civil Rights. We are a new non-profit dedicated to providing low-wealth North Carolina communities with sound legal representation in their efforts to dismantle structural racism.

What We Do

The Center uses a unique community-lawyering model to work with North Carolina communities to address the inequities they see every day. Our primary targets are challenging discriminatory policies and practices that block equitable access to:

  • quality public K-12 schools;
  • safe and affordable housing and related infrastructure;
  • political participation and representation;
  • and environmental justice.

We are working on a number of matters that exemplify these goals, including current litigation over the maintenance of three racially segregated and under-performing school districts in Halifax County (now pending at the NC Supreme Court); the refusal of a predominantly white town to annex and include a historic African American community in Stokes County; and administrative challenges to the adverse impacts of the concentration of industrial hog production facilities in predominantly African American, Native American and Latino communities in southeastern NC.



NCSD Contact: Mark Dorosin, mdorosin@lawyerscommittee.org

Website: https://chambersccr.org

Social Media: Facebook