Center for Education and Civil Rights at Pennsylvania State University

The Center for Education and Civil Rights is a hub for the generation of knowledge and coalition-building among the education and civil rights communities to promote research-based actions that address the complicated nature of racial and ethnic inequality in the 21st century.

Our current educational realities provide the impetus for CECR’s areas of focus and activities.  More than 60 years after segregated schooling was declared inherently unequal in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), Black and Latina/o students are still very likely to attend schools that are doubly segregated by race and poverty, and students attending segregated Latina/o schools are likely to be also segregated by language. Although there are important instances where students of color thrive in schools where they are the majority — particularly under strong leadership that adopts empowering and culturally relevant curricula with experienced teachers and sufficient resources — there is no denying that segregated schooling in this country is associated with inequitable educational opportunities and outcomes for students of color.

The Center’s collective work is thus intended to promote equity across the educational pipeline by supporting efforts that facilitate integration through an inter-disciplinary approach that bridges research and practice in three main areas of focus and activities.



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