The National Coalition on School Diversity has established a #CelebrateSchoolDiversity community on to help our members share stories, and we want to hear yours!
  1. View the community and create a StoryCorps account here.
  2. Next, download the StoryCorps App.
  3. Then, find a partner to help you record and share your story with the community.

Anyone can share a story with our community–please tell your friends!

Once uploaded to the site, stories are fully sharable, and embeddable on your own web sites. Let’s spread the movement!
The StoryCorps app walks you through the process of recording and uploading your story, along with a photo. You and your partner can record one interview where both people ask and answer questions, or two separate interviews, with one person acting as interviewer and the other person responding.
Give your interview a compelling title, and don’t forget to add a picture!
Depending on whether you are a parent, student, educator, researcher, advocate, activist, policymaker (or all of the above!), the questions that spark your story may be different. You and your partner will choose questions together when you sit down to do your recording, so budget some time to chat and get comfortable before you hit “record.” The ideal interview will focus on 2-3 questions.
Here are some ideas to get the conversation flowing:
  • What you do you think is powerful about diversity in a school?
  • When and where have you seen the power of diversity in action in a school?
  • Can you describe for me a time and place where you saw true diversity in a school, and what it felt like?
  • What is there to celebrate about diversity in schools?
  • Why are we reaching for diversity in our schools?
  • What can diverse schools do for America?
  • Can you tell me a story about something beautiful you saw in a diverse school?
  • Tell me about why you work in the school integration movement.
  • What is it like for you to work on school integration in America right now?
  • Can you tell me a story about an integrated school?
  • What images stand out when you think about integrated schools?
  • What have been the happiest times you have had working in the integrated schools movement?
  • Why did you get involved in the integrated schools movement?
  • What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get involved in the integrated schools movement?
  • What does school integration mean to you?
  • Why is school integration important?
  • What role has school integration played in America’s history?
  • What role should school integration play in America’s future?
  • How are we going to integrate America’s schools?
  • What will happen when we integrate America’s schools?


StoryCorps Interviews from #NCSD2017