2017 Conference Schedule

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Our 2017 conference is comprised of the following events (scroll down for more detailed conference schedule):

Conference program available here.


    Registrants: sign up for a school tour here
    Detailed instructions will be emailed to registrants and posted here soon.
    Facilitated by Reimagining Integration: The Diverse and Equitable Schools Project
    New York University
    Room 912 (in Kimmel Center, 9th floor)
    60 Washington Square S
    (between LaGuardia Pl & Thompson St)
    New York, NY 10012
    Registrants: sign up here to participate in this session
    New York University
    Rosenthal Pavilion (in Kimmel Center, 10th floor)
    60 Washington Square S
    (between LaGuardia Pl & Thompson St)
    New York, NY 10012
    Hosted by Learn Together, Live Together
    NYLO New York (specific location to be confirmed)
    2178 Broadway
    New York, NY 10024
    Invite your friends in NYC to join us!



Locations of conference events (school visits listed separately below):

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SCHOOL VISITS (October 19 • 10AM-2PM)
Organized by New York Appleseed


  • Confirmed schools include:
    • #1: PS 705 Brooklyn Arts and Science (PK-5, Brooklyn)
      Tour Theme: Maintaining diversity in gentrifying Crown Heights, Brooklyn
    • #2: PS 513 Castle Bridge (PK-5, Manhattan)
      Tour Theme: How do children conceptualize safety in a multicultural classroom
    • #3: Harvest Collegiate (HS, Manhattan)
      Tour Theme: Harnessing diversity for more diverse classrooms
    • #4: Park Slope Collegiate (8-12, Brooklyn)
      Tour Theme: Exploring learning and teaching at an anti-racist, integrating school
    • #5: Neighborhood School (PK-5, Manhattan)
      Tour Theme: Maintaining diversity in the gentrifying Lower East Side
    • #6: PS 133 William A. Butler (PK-5, Brooklyn)
      Tour Theme: Showcasing student leadership
    • #7: PS/MS 492 (K-8, Brooklyn)
      Tour Theme: Student voice
    • #8: PS 10 (PK-5, Brooklyn)
      Tour Theme: Diversity in action
    • #9: Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (K-12, Brooklyn)
      Tour Theme: Recruitment as a tool for maintaining diverse schools
  • Sign up for a school tour here. (More detailed instructions will be sent to tour groups by email a few days prior to the conference.)
  • Please note: you must be registered for the conference to attend a school tour.


CONSULTANCIES (October 19 • 4-5:30PM)
Facilitated by Reimagining Integration: The Diverse and Equitable Schools Project

Do you have an innovative approach for promoting school diversity and integration that you would like feedback and input into shaping? Are you wrestling with a thorny problem or challenge in your diversity work that you would like some advice about? Do you want to learn with and support your peers from across the country who are taking on similar work? 

  • After the school visits on October 19, but before the opening reception, there will be opportunities for participants to consult with one another on their latest new ideas and challenges. The session will start with a few minutes welcome, an overview of the 30 minute consultation protocol we will use, and then we will split up into small groups to dig into the challenges and innovations brought by the case presenters. We will have time for two consultation rotations, and then debrief together before heading off for the reception.
  • If you have a topic you would like to get feedback on at this session, please submit a 50-75 word description of it by October 10Make sure you identify what you hope to learn from the consultancy.


OPENING RECEPTION (October 19 • 6:30-9PM)
This event is an important part of the conference programming, so we encourage local attendees to participate!

“Over 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, New York City is one of the most segregated school districts in the United States. Conceived, written, and performed by NYC Public High School students, LAUNDRY CITY is a hilarious and provocative exploration of what “Separate but Equal” means to us today.” Click here for more information.


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WELCOME (October 20 • 9AM)

  • Betty Rosa, Chancellor, New York Regents (Regent for the Twelfth Judicial District)
  • Sanjiv Rao, Senior Program Officer (Youth Opportunity and Learning), Ford Foundation
  • Roslyn Arlin Mickelson, Chancellor’s Professor and Professor of Sociology, Public Policy,  & Women and Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


PLENARY #1 (October 20 • 9:30AM)
Current policy opportunities and challenges for school integration

  • Sunil Mansukhani, Principal, The Raben Group (bio)
  • Sonia Park, Executive Director, Diverse Charter Schools Coalition
  • Amy Stuart WellsProfessor of Sociology and Education, Teachers College Columbia University
  • Monique Lin-LuseAssistant Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (bio)


WORKSHOPS #1 (October 20 • 10:35AM)
Descriptions: https://prracncsd.wpengine.com/2017-conference-workshops/

  • Creating Sanctuary Campuses from a Legal and Pedagogical/School Climate Perspective
  • Engaging Corporate Partners in Your Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Strategy
  • Equity in Early Education: Understanding Inequities in Access to Early Educational Opportunities
  • Co-Creating Equity: Critical Shifts
  • Engaging Families in Diverse Schools: Innovative Approaches to Community Building
  • Making the Case for Activating Parents
  • From Segregation to Intentionally Diverse-by-Design: A Commitment to Cultural Competency and Implementation of Culturally Responsive Teaching – Lessons from Blackstone Valley Prep
  • School-University Partnerships For Integration: Different Models; Different Relationships
  • School Choice, Student Diversity, and Segregation: Examining the Evidence


PLENARY #2 (October 20 • 12:45PM)
School integration initiatives in New York

  • Arlen Benjamin-GomezEngagement Manager at the Center for Public Research and Leadership, Columbia Law School
  • Miriam Nunberg, Co-Founder, Parents for Middle School Equity
  • Nyah Berg, Education Equity Organizer, ERASE Racism
  • Frantzy Luzincourt, Political Strategist Intern, IntegrateNYC4me
  • Angelica Infante-Green, Deputy Commissioner Office of Instructional Support, New York Department of Education


WORKSHOPS #2 (October 20 • 1:50PM)
Descriptions: https://prracncsd.wpengine.com/2017-conference-workshops/

  • Race and Revolution: Challenging Historical Narratives through Art
  • Using Faith Messaging to Win
  • The Citizen Artist Curriculum: Ripped from the Headlines
  • Step 1 in School Integration: The Theory of Change
  • Policy Through Play: Using Theatre to Translate Impact and Mobilize Communities
  • Dialogue for Equity and Integration
  • Undesigning Educational Segregation and Disparities
  • Cultivating Cross-Group Solidarity within Social Movements
  • Sitting at the Seat of Change


WORKSHOPS #3 (October 20 • 3:15PM)
Descriptions: https://prracncsd.wpengine.com/2017-conference-workshops/

  • Separate and Equitable? The Struggle and Expansion of Community Schools and Other Community-based School Models and Continued Discussion on Integration vs. Resourcing
  • Diversifying Neighborhood Schools: New Ideas to Reduce Segregation 50 Years After the Fair Housing Act
  • The Role of Trauma-Informed Schools in Advancing Integration
  • Methods and Definitions of Voluntary Integration in the United States
  • A New Table: Cultivating a Racial Equity Lens in School District Decision-Making
  • Organizing for School Integration: Lessons Learned from Suburban Experiences
  • Kickstarting Integration: An Equity-based Framework for Pursuing Racially Diverse Schools
  • Pioneering School Integration Through Magnet Programs
  • Trump, Post-Racialism, and New Frames of Racial Integration
  • The PROSE Program: Supporting Integration Through Empowering School-Level Educators


NCSD PRESENTATION (October 20 • 4:35PM)

  • Melissa HewittFounder and Principal, Forward Movement Consulting LLC


PLENARY #3 (October 20 • 4:45PM)
Centering students and people of color in the school integration movement

  • Candace Moore, Staff Attorney, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee (bio)
  • Matt GonzalesDirector of School Diversity Project, New York Appleseed (bio)
  • Hebh Jamal, Lead Student Activist, IntegrateNYC4me
  • Derek HallProgram Director–Training, The Discovery Center
  • Elise Boddie, Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School
  • Alexis McGill Johnson, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Perception Institute (bio)


CLOSING RECEPTION (October 20 • 5:45PM)