Strength in Diversity Passes in House on 9/15

In a historic bipartisan vote on Sept 15, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Strength in Diversity Act with over 100 co-sponsors. The proposed legislation, one of NCSD’s two main policy priorities during this Congress, would provide support and funding for voluntary, locally-driven efforts to further racial and socioeconomic integration in schools.

Strength in […]

Using CARES Act Flexibility to Address Systemic Inequity and Integration

In NCSD’s latest publication, Jessica Mugler and Philip Tegeler of the Poverty and Race Research Action Council advance the idea of Using CARES Act Flexibility to Address Systemic Educational Inequality and Bring Students Together.

Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Calls for Greater Efforts to Ensure Educational Equity

The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force included language in their recommendations calling for a redoubling of efforts to further educational equity during a Biden administration:

“It is unacceptable that America’s public schools are more racially segregated today than they were when Brown v. Board of Education was decided 66 years ago. Democrats support appointing judges who […]

Policy Brief: Model State School Integration Policies

As educators across the country make a valiant effort to meet the needs of their students in response to the coronavirus crisis, the educational impacts of disparities in family resources and school funding are apparent. The crisis also reminds us of the many roles that schools play beyond academics. When students eventually return to […]

COVID-19 Resources

Member Pages

NYU Metro Center, Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Remote Learning

IntegrateNYC, COVID-19 Resources Page

The Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), Learning Goes On – A COVID-19 Resource for Education (2020)

Learning Policy Institute, Learning in the Time of COVID-19 blog series (2020)


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Halley Potter and Joshua Starr, Analysis: Plans to […]

#NCSD2020 Virtual Conference (5/12 & 5/14)

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the live version of our 2020 conference (which was scheduled for March 26th and 27th in Washington, DC) due to COVID-19. While we are still looking forward to hosting an in-person gathering when it becomes safe to do so, we’ll be offering some of our sessions virtually. Keep checking back, […]

Policy Brief: Including Racial & SES Diversity in ESSA District Plans

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides an opening for states and local school districts to include racial and socioeconomic (SES) diversity as components of their improvement plans.

While only one state (New York) took advantage of this opportunity in the initial round of state ESSA plans, there are several ways that school […]

Fifth National Conference on School Integration (Postponed)

** NCSD2020 Postponement Notice **

NCSD2020 will not be held in March 2020, due to concerns and logistical challenges related to the coronavirus. We plan to reschedule the conference in Fall 2020. Please share your availability in September & October to help guide our selection of a new date.

Join over 400 […]


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Epic Theatre Ensemble Performance (11/4/19 - Baltimore, MD)

Monday, November 4, 6-7pm MICA Center for Social Design 131 W. North Avenue, Room 171

“Nothing About Us” is a rigorous, passionate and hilarious exploration of educational segregation written and performed by those most affected and least consulted: NYC Public High School students. What does separate but equal mean to us today? Transformation, […]